Bauer Venture Partners invests in great minds with great ideas – at any stage, from seed to growth.

We offer more than just financial support.

We offer you money + global reach + an extensive network + a deep solution-kit for entrepreneurial challenges + an in-depth technical understanding.

We are enthusiastic about technology.

We are looking for best in class tech companies and do not exclude any specific branches. However, disruptive tech in fast growing markets is what gets us really excited.

We are stage-agnostic.

We finance businesses in different stages (seed, early-stage, growth) and are fully return-oriented. We will help you scale your business to momentum, impact to markets and financials you haven’t dreamed of. We are dedicated to making your venture a successful exit opportunity within 4 to 7 years.

We believe in best-of-breed.

Our ambition: Really understanding the businesses, the products and the tech we are supporting. We get as deep as possible into the crucial success factors. For areas outside our core competencies we partner with specialist co-investors to deliver maximum value.

We are founder-centric: the founder is the rock star.

We understand venture capital as a service to founders. We act as an enabling layer to empower the founders to develop the company and simply rock!
This means: No annoying micromanagement, nightly calls or endless reporting sheets that keep you away from your important work.

We offer real partnership.

We act as (pro-) active partners to the founders and support you with everything available to us such as a network of industry experts, management-, product-, marketing- and technology know-how – even as a trusted sparring partner for the operational business (if you wish).

We have the same goal.

Building a thriving company that scales and generates sustainable values and real profits, continuing to do so after a successful exit for the shareholders.

You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take.

– Wayne Gretzky

Get in touch.
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We would love to pitch to you why Bauer Venture Partners is the best investment partner for your thriving company.

Let´s  find out how we can figure out the best way to make your company grow and we both can benefit mutually from this partnership.

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